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Our memorable reunion was held at the Pollokshields Burgh Hall, September, 2003.

A few quotes from those who attended are interspersed below, and are a small sample of the wonderful
outpouring of thanks sent to our committee members.

For my part, I thank all who attended and entered into the spirit of the occasion, thereby ensuring its success.
"....must be one of the first school reunions planned by remote control!"
".....it was all a bit unreal, like being in a time warp...meeting some people after almost 50 years!"
"....what a marvellous reunion!"
"It really was an outstanding success....everyone I spoke to had a great time"
This glass paperweight memento was given to all former pupils who
attended. It is three and a quarter inches in diameter, and three quarters of an inch deep. It is inscribed with "Albert Road Academy...Reunion 2003", encircling the school badge.
Anyone wishing to purchase one, at a cost of five pounds plus postage, should email Ian McDowall, or telephone 01642 713656.
standing at rear: Iain Henderson
left to right: Alice Tankel, Tom Berman, Pat Patterson, Rena Howie, Nan Gunn.
back row: Morag McDonald,Dorothy Black,Eleanor Fryer,Ann Summers,
              Anne Milligan,Retta Burke,Irene Paton (chatting).
front row:  Elizabeth Nicholson,Alison McIntyre,Nan Heaney,Elizabeth
              Murdoch,Moira Fraser,Linda Barnes.
  The catering at our reunion was beautifully presented by
Thistle Catering,
owned and operated by
former pupil Margaret Jones.
Sad to say, Margaret's husband and business partner passed away recently and
the catering business is now closed.
"I must say, the memories of the teachers were brilliant and seemed to bond us"
left to right: Barbara Cramp,Tony Saunders,Janet Hutton,Norrie Henderson,Anne Grocock,Margo McGeachie.Moira McLean,Anne Heshelwood,Jean Harvey,Sheena Gillies,Barbara Wallace.
left to right: Janet Hutton,Anne Grocock, Bill Wylie
left to right: Betty Draper,Janet Crawford,Esther McNichol,Moira Strang,Maysie Pollock.
left to right: Margaret Donohue,Louise Dimeo,Betty Draper,Janet Crawford.
left to right: Ian Buchanan,Norrie Henderson,Bill Wylie.
                     (note the ARA tie and scarf!!)


Ian Buchanan,Raymond Barr,N.Henderson,Bill Wylie.                                                                                                                
George Allan     1956-60                                                                                   
Eleanor Andersen  nee Reid    1956-59
June Arthurs  1959-60

Sandra Arthurs     1959-60                                        
Ann Band  nee Summers  1955-61

William Bannerman  1950-54                        

Carol Barr nee Ritchie                                  

Raymond Barr   1952-55                             

Robert Barr   1941-47

Norma Beaton nee Liddle   1959-62

Tom Berman 1945-51                                      

Douglas Birrell  1957-60

Dorothy Black 1956-59                                     

Robin Blake 1961-64

Helen Boulter nee McLean 1930-42

Everett Boyd  1930-42

Margaret Boyle nee Tennant  1955-58

Margaret Briggs nee Forgie  1935-39

Marcus Brooke (Saul Buch) 1928-40                                
Binnie Brown  nee Brown  1928-40

Ian Buchanan 1950-55

Edna Campbell   1943-49

Joan Campbell  nee Maxwell,

Margaret Campbell 1953-56

Neil Campbell  -1955

Douglas Carrick  1951-58                                         
Connie Cartright  nee Bewick  1935-45

Sheena Chisholm nee Gillies  1950-56                                     
Myra Cluness nee Dallas  1927-38

Noreen Cockburn  nee Webster  1946-51

Paul Cohen  1954-58                                                         
Nora Cook nee Stang 1932-33     ARA faculty member 1949-50

Ephraim Cowan  1934-40

Helen Crawford nee McGregor 1953-57

Diana Cree nee Campbell 1943-48

Alex Crichton

Karin Currie  nee Spalter 1947-51                   

Muriel Deas  nee Edmiston    1947-52                                            
David Dinnie 1953-56

Irene Donnelly nee Paterson  1939-42

Caroline Downey nee Bannerman, 1950-53                 
Jean Drake nee Boyd 1952-58                                
Susan Durr nee Ann Craig 1953-58                             
Bernard Dykes   1932-37

Gray Edmiston  1934-47

Evelyn Eunson nee Izzatt       1942-46                             
Margo Fanaki nee McGeachie 1950-56                        
Irene Ferguson  nee Paton  1953-56                            
Mary Forbes  1924-37                                                                                         
Moira Fraser nee MacIntyre 1955-60

Marie Galbraith nee Black     1927-39

David Garlick 1937-42

Margaret Garth nee Adams   -1959

Mathew Gemmill 1930-42

Cyril Gerber  1922-33

Ann Goldberg nee Yonace   1950-53

Ivor Gordon     1931-36

Christine Graham nee Mclean   -1959

Roy Grant   1949-55                                                    
Catherine Hamilton  nee Burton  1951-54

Margaret Hamilton nee Donohoe  1952-55

Pam Hamlyn nee McGrane  1959-62                                
Ian Hannah   1951-58                                                                                                           
Norma Heighton nee Nicol   -1955

Alan Henderson   1955-58                                                
Iain Henderson   1946-51                                                     
Norrie Henderson 1950-55                                   
Doris Hill nee Hill    1930-42

Shirley Hislop nee Hislop  1947-51

Betty Hood  nee Allan  1952-55

Marilene Horn nee Horn 1958-62                                         
Barbara Horner nee Wallace 1950-56                           
Moira Hosie nee Strang  1952-56                                  
William Howie  1936-49

Jean Hughes nee Allan  1952-55

Albert Hunter   1930-38

Moira Hunter nee Davis  1930-38

David Jackson 1946-51                                         
Margaret Jones nee Shannon 1956-59                      
Madan Kapoor   1927-35

Betty Kennedy  nee Caulfield  1942-45

Ray Kennedy  nee Muir   1940-45

Louisa Kilpatrick nee Dimeo   1948-52

Shahnaz Lambert nee Mobarik

Moira Lang nee Shaw   1950-54                         
James Leiper   1930-42

Mary Leitch  nee Brewster   1930-42

Gerald Leoin  1937-48

Freda Ley  nee Gilmour 1953-59                                                      
Winifred Liggat  nee Jamieson  1932-35

Isadore Lyons  1928-40

William MacArthur  1953-59

Alison MacAuslane nee Macintyre  1953-58

Iain MacDonald    1925-33

Martha MacKenzie nee Garlick    1935-40

Margaret MacLeod nee Wallace 1940-50

Doreen Mandelstam  nee Rosin   1930-42

Harry Mandelstam  1930-42

Barry Marco 1925-37

Margaret Marr nee Murdoch  1943-48

Vera Marshall  nee Campbell  1956-59

Anne McAtear  nee Mackenzie  1944-54                           
John McAvoy 1939-44

Jeanette McCall  nee Shannon 1960-63

Linda McCann nee Barnes 1955-59                                  
Edna McCluskey  nee Gardner 1937-49 

Dave McCulloch 1956-60                                

Ian McDonald  1932-36                                              
Ian McDowall 1930-42                                         
H. McEachan

Anne McFarlane nee Grocock  1950-56                           
Nan McFeat nee Gunn 1939-50

Derek McGeachie   -1961                                     
Joe McKean  1932-37

Mary McLachlan nee Wall  1936-39

Retta McLean nee Burke

Elizabeth McLeod nee Wallace 1939-49

James McLeod  1930-38

Eleanor McLintock nee MacLean    -1956

Margaret McPherson  nee Stewart  1938-46

Catriona McWilliam nee McCormick    -1962

Andrew McWilliams  1942-47

George Mennie     1950s

Janice Menzies nee Mitchell  1958-62                                   
Andrew Miller 1959-62

Stuart G. Miller  1956-59

Tully Miller 1945-50                                          

Afzal Monir

Peggy Moorhouse nee Gee  1934-39

May More nee McArthur   1930-42

Moria Moreland nee McLean  1951-56

Mary Murdoch nee Murdoch   1945-50

Kay Myers nee Craig  1951-55

Sheila Newman  1930-40                                                         
Anne Nichol nee Henshelwood  1952-58                           
Eleanor Orr nee Fryer  1956-61

Marie Paterson nee Paterson   1938-43      

Sandy Patience 1948-58                                                           
Margaret Patterson  nee Maxwell

Jim Penny  1927-39

Pat Provan nee Paterson  1945-49      

Esther Rattray  nee McNichol   1952-58                                   
George Rattray                                                                     
Ann Ritchie nee Milligan   1956-59                                         
Margaret Ritchie nee Abercrombie  1937-44

Robert Ritchie  1927-36

Janet Robinson nee Hutton 1950-53                              
Tony Saunders    -1954

Stan Sewell  1942-47

William Sey  1947-50                                         
Ken Shaw   1932-44                                            
Eileen Shaylor nee Shaw  1945-51

William Short 1950-56

Catriona Sillar nee MacDonald  1930-38

Morag Simpson nee McDonald  1952-58

Elizabeth Slater  nee Ferguson  1955-61

Bill Smart  1955-59                                                      
Elizabeth Smith nee Draper 1952-56                          
Elizabeth Smith nee Murdoch  1956-59

Hazel Smith nee Grant  1938-45

Rena Spy  nee Howie  1939-51

Sheila Square  nee MacDonald  1927

Freddy Stang  1930-34

Dorothy Stewart nee Edmiston 1930-42

Anne Sullivan nee Somerville 1933-38

Maysie Sword nee Pollock   1953-57                            
Margaret Tainsh nee Paterson 1943-47

Alice Tankel  nee Tait  1941-56                                     
Isabel Templeton nee Campbell  1938-43

Pat Terry nee Craig  1950-55

Donald Thomson     -1941

Mary Thomson nee Gray   1951-54

Jean Todd nee Harvey

James Traynor   1943-47

Ellen Turner  1950-53

Lawrence Tyson  1961

Bill Walker    1950s                                                              
Barbara Wallace nee Cramp 1943-56                          
Albert Warren

Nan Watson  nee Heaney 1955-58

Bill Webb  1944-46

Alex Weinman  1942-47

Deana Weyman  nee Henderson   1953-57                               
Elizabeth White  nee Nicholson    1955-60

Robert White  1959-62

Richard Wolfson  1927-38

Shirley Wright  nee Allan   1947-52

Bill Wylie   -1953                                                             
A. Yaffe

Jennifer Yeoman  nee Robinson  1958-63

James Young,    -1940

Following is a list of those who attended Reunion 2003. If you do not see your name, or, if there are any errors, please let me know right away.  If you wish to contact anyone on the list, please email me.
Eleanor Reid and Deana Henderson
Nan Gunn and Rena Howie
Here's some foties fer you, ma freen
Hope the contents pleasure yer een
For sure, if there's no a biddy tae see
There'll be some that'll say they're no worth a bawbee
But we that wis there are jist happy tae mind
A' the pals that were met an the ties that wir bind
No matter whit, there were no strangers there
Auld freens or new, the connection wis rare
When we a' reach oor dotage and memory's died
The auld school connection will bond and abide
So enjoy these reflections of faces and chatter
At oor ain celebration of the auld alma mater