ARA Club Captains - 1948
Back row, L to R: Faculty, name unknown, Glenn Hardie,Mr. Weir,Bill MacKenzie,John Brockway,faculty, name unknown.
Front  row:  Rob Miller,unknown,Will Howie,unknown,Leonard MacMillan.
ARA Qualifying Class - 1941
Back row, L to R:  Victor Feldman,unknown,Jim Turnbull,Jim Gillon,unknown,Fred Wilde.
Second row: Mr. Yuill,unknown,John Brockway,Maurice Green,Ray Bremner,Ian McEwan,Peter Ridland.
Third row:   Archie Mason,Ed McGregor,Ian MacFarlane,Alan Marks,Jim Herbert,Jim Hall,Glenn Hardie.
Front row: George Allan,unknown,unknown.
Leaders - 1942
back row, left to right: Doreen Rosin,(Jt. editor),J.R. Strang,(Pres.Dramatic Soc.), G. Wooward(Pres. Sc. Soc.), M. Paterson,(Pres. Lit. and Deb. Soc.,Capt. Hockey.
front row: A.G. Wedderspoon,(Jt. Editor,Primary Dept.) D. Garlick, (Capt. Rugby), M.T. Paterson,(Jt. Editor, PrimaryDept.), D. Clark (Jt. Editor), R. Ylung, Pres. Chess Club
Miss McGill - ARA 1908-1947                  Mr. Samuel Ritchie              Mr. David Mowatt                              Miss Helen S. Ross            Miss Rachel P. Reid
Many thanks to Glenn Hardie for the loan of school magazines from which most of the following photos were extracted.
Qualifying Class - 1946
top row: Mr. J.B. Hamilton, Alan Nicol,Kenneth McGowan,James Stevenson,Duncan Smith,Frank McCann,Gordon Mackie, Ian Smith,Mr. J. Lawson
middle row:   Norma Anderson,Margaret Hall,David Jackson,Robert Gibb,Iain Jack,Margaret McClean,Eve Fruend.
front row: Viv. Simmons,Betty Wallace,Edith Dawson,Minnie Lamb,Eileen Shaw,Pat Patterson,Noreen Webster,Nan Gunn,Muriel Edmiston.
seated on floor: Tom Berman,Duncan McMillan,James Cameron.
Club Leaders - 1946
back row: P. Radford (Scientific Soc.), J. Taylor (Editor), W. Bain (Pres. Chess Club), M. Kenny (Pres. Ship Adoption)
front row:  N. Gunn (Junr. Ed.),  D. McNicoll (Pres. Lit. and Deb. Society), H. Grant (Hockey Capt.), R. Gibb (Junr. Ed.)
Hockey - 1st. X1 - 1946
back: G. Peacock,S. McDowall,J. Craig,Mr. McEwan,M. Brown,A. Webster,E. Izatt.
middle: Miss McGavin,M.Stewart,H. Grant (Capt.),J. Hamilton, Miss Core.
front: Y. Barnett,I. I. Finsbury.
Cricket - 1st. X1 - 1946
back row:  Mr. Dorian,P. Radford,W. Lambie,R. Miller,D. Stewart,A. Marks,J. Ross,Mr. Ritchie.
front row: A. Moss,W. Blair,D. McNicoll (Capt.),R. Bremner,R. Barr.
(Ed:   thanks to Tom Berman for the names above and for the photo below.)
Primary Class - Albert Road - 1944
                                                    photo courtesy Maureen Cook
Included in photo:
Miss Rutledge,Maureen Carter,Peter Bodige,David Bartram,
Michael Crouch,Kenneth McAlpine,Ronald Bodige,MaryRossie,May Ballantyne,Margaret Black,Margaret Scott, Evelyn Curren,Donald
Murdock,Margaret McBean.
Tom Wright.  Attended  1945-49
ARA Rugby - 1955
back row: Sandy Miller,Neil Campbell,Colin Fulton,George Richards,Norrie Henderson,Eric Rodger.
middle:    Mr. Hart,Ian Buchanan,Leslie Anderson,J. Scott,Jim Dempster, Mr. Bell.
front:       Ken Anderson,Roy Grant,Raymond Barr,Ian Kennedy,Jack McKinlay.

                                                                                                     photo courtesy  Eric Rodger
Drama Club 1953 - Merchant of Venice
back row, L to R:  Jenny McLean, Peter Curran,Ken Anderson,David Brown,Sammy Russell,Agnes Todd.
front row:             Olga Clugston,Elizabeth "Buffy" Galloway,Sylvia Telky.
Athletics Medals, circa 1933
The following five photos were sent to me by FP Norrie Henderson. They were taken during a recent visit to the UK where he managed to include a tour of the school, guided by the very helpful, current head teacher. Thank you, Norrie.
Boys playground.....covered area and open area.
I'm told the occasional Woodbine was smoked in the former, and the toilets have been removed from the latter.
Instruments from the Fort Langley, still mounted on the same wall where the ship's model was displayed.  Norrie is trying to find out where the model is now situated.
Glasgow's subway. A display at theTransport Museum
ARA - Herriot Street facade, 2009
photo courtesy Ken Lambert
University of Strathclyde,
formerly Technical College, 2009
Above two photos courtesy Glenn Hardie
ARA art classroom,
on the occasion of the launch of
The Hannah Frank Poetry Competition,
December 2009.
Thanks to Eric Rodger for this photographic memory of the art room.
included in pic:Judith and Janice Owen,Ken Lambert,Lee Saunders,Graham Ritchie,Billy Turner,Graham Dobson,Douglas Ferguson
photo courtesy Andrew Timpson
3rd. row, 4th from left, Andrew Timpson. Top row, 6th. from left, Jimmy Campbell
back row: Peggy Peyton,Muriel White,Nuriel Russell,Mattie Campbell,Betsy Gardiner,EllenBuchanan,Chrissie Brown,Gladys McFarlane,Janey McGregor.
middle row: Margaret Reid,Mollie McLaren,Catherine Hill,Betty Russell,Rae Levitus,Nan Smith,Betty Hamilton, Eleanor McFarlane,Miss Ewing.
bottom row: May Fraser,Nannie Stewart,Doris Steele,Margaret Clark,Myra Neish,Dorothy Dunbar,Marion Dowie,Helen Wade.
photo courtesy Betty Hamilton's son Stephen in 2017. His mother was 102 years old and still going strong.