Anyone awarded one of these?

If so, do you remember what you bought with your
book voucher?
The following photos were taken from the June 1956  issue  of the school magazine
Mr. John King
ARA 1936-55
Rev. John Watt
School Chaplain
Pollokshields East
Miss Mary McCance
ARA 1929-54
Miss Catherine Agnew
ARA 1915-56
At least two of our former pupils have penned and published books of verse. We are very proud to showcase them here.

To purchase Tom Berman's book, "Shards", and his latest, "Rambles, Outings with a Wayward Muse", go to, or Barnes and Noble. Type the title, or author name, in search.

Bill Kean's book, "Stirrings of the Heart", is  available at Click on 'Browse', then 'Art,Poetry,Music'
Left is a recent (2002) photo of our Miss Gertrude Scott, (now Mrs. MacGregor), 1950s teacher of French and German at our school.   She is pictured with her grandchild.
Email me for her address if you'd like to write to her

photo courtesy David Slater
2nd and 3rd year Girls, 1949
photo courtesy Nan McFeat
photo courtesy Nan McFeat
School Captains
Junior Editors
Included in pic:
David McNicol, Hazel Grant,
Robin Gibb, Nan Gunn.