The photo above is a view of the rear school building.  During my school days it was used  for art and science classes. 
Remember the Cranston butcher shop
on Nithsdale Road? 
It's still there.
We were amused to see the original  "Retail Prices of Meat", according to "The Meat (Prices) Order, 1952", displayed in the shop window.  One example is ox tail at one shilling and ten pence per pound.
Burgh  Hall
We were kindly given
permission to enter the halls so that I could photograph the entrance to Maxwell Hall, which shows our school motto,
       "Aye Ready"
Here are another couple               of antiques!!

These  were taken in Crieff, where my siblings and I had a family reunion.  With  Ian's brief visit, it became a small ARAFP reunion
Former pupil Ian McDowal wearing
       circa 1941 rugby cap
Ian and Deana, 2001
Grateful appreciation is offered to Alan Henderson. Without his willing assistance, many of the preceding photos and much of the information would not have been made available to me..
Jim Darling and Iain Henderson.
       Friends, reunited, 2001
Photo on left taken in Boys' playground around 1939-40.
left to right:
Miles Fox,James Tennant,Jack Wilkie,
David Taylor,James Berwick,Ralph Davidson,Ian McDowal,David Ross,Cameron Keay,
Bill.....,Stanley Blair,Isadore Lyons,
William Drummond,Matthew Gemmill.
Rugby - 1949
left to right, back row:
middle row:
R.Miller, Dugan.
front row:
left to right - back row:  David Purnell,Sandy Millar,Colin Fulton,Peter Curran,Ian Hannah,John Ramsay,Ian Fyffe.
middle row: Helen MacGregor,Lindsay Cooper,Roddy MacDonald,Henry Hepburn,David Slater,Billy Barr,Alex(Sandy) Gowans,Douglas Carrick,Irene Horne.
front row: Elizabeth Findlay,Elizabeth (Buffy) Galloway,Morag (The Torag) MacDonald,Morag Darroch,Helen MacMillan,Margaret Tait,Jean Boyd.
missing from picture: Leslie Grant,Freda Morrison,Bill Baird
ARA  Primary and Secondary Staff 1951 - Remember any names? Let us know. Douglas Carrick's  father is top row left.
ARA 6th form - 1957/8
Front row, from left: 1st,Mr Yuill(Hist & Geog); 2nd,Mr Inverarity; 4th,Mr King(Math), 6th,Miss Henderson(art),7th,James Hart(Head),
8th,Miss Agnew(Latin),9th,Miss Gray(Phys.Ed.);10th,Miss  Munro(Primary)
Row 2, from left: 2nd,Miss McCance(French);4th,Miss McIntosh(French);5th,Miss Macleod 8th,Miss Gertrude Scott(French)
Row 3, from left: 3rd,Miss MacPhail(Primary); 5th,Miss Scott(Geog & English)
Row 4, from left: 5th,Mr Young(Maths); 6th,Mr Chalmers(Latin),7th,Mr Glen(Eng.Hist.);8th,Mr Bernstein(Science); 9th,Mr Binnie(English)