ARA Front Door - 1991   
ARA Sports Day - 1956
back row - left to right -  Marjory McGuiness,Ann Ritchie,Flora Darroch
front row - Marjory (Beaton?), Deana Henderson
ed: the student in background models the uniform we girls had to don for gym/sports days. This group's participation was completed, hence our change of clothing and our grins.

May Young - 1958
Although this photo is not of great quality, I included it because Sonia Tonner and Marylin Lynch, top left, were individual Scottish Ice Skating champions for 1955 and 1956, respectively.
Top row, left to right - Sonia Tonner, Marylin Lynch, Jim Chessar, ? , Diane Purdy, Jim Goudie.
Front row - Edie Hunter, ? .

Sports Day - 1956
Four Headmasters - Staff Reunion 1953
James Y. Hart, Samuel Weir, Robert J. Hamilton, Robert McEwan
     Staff v Pupils Hockey Match - 1954
2nd to 6th from left, Mr. Ewan, Miss G. Scott, Mr. Bell, Mr Roy, Miss Scott., 8th Mr. Binnie,10th Mr. Thompson. 11th Mr. Glen. (any more names?...let me know)                                                                                                                                                      
ed: I am indebted to Ken Fyffe for the following photos
which were included in five wonderful school magazines
mailed to me.
Orchestra - 1957
Cricket X1 - 1956
L to R, Back Row: I. Cameron,I Newlove,H. Hepburn,B.Cohen,I. Fyfe,D.McLeod,N.Stewart.
Front Row: R. Cheyne,P. Kelso,W. Barr,I. McCaskill,M. Kaplan,A. Patience (Scorer).
Albert Road Academy Academicals R.F.C. - 1958-59

     back row: James Darling,Graham Forrester,James Young,Robert Herbison,Ian Malcolm,Tony Saunders,John McColl,
     William Lambie,
    John Hewitt,Peter Ridland,Thomas Sellars,Frank Doherty,Thomas Young.
    middle row: William Barr,James Webster,William Campbell,James Kempster,Alistair Ramsay (Capt.),William Howie,
    Colin Fulton,Peter Hood,William Wylie,George Kelly.
    front row: Malcolm Crawford,Norrie Herbert,Ralph Davidson,James Shea,Ian Cameron,Raymond Barr,
    William Sommerville,Kenneth Fyffe,John Jacobson,Ian McGuffie,Robert Barr,Gordon Murdoch.
Mr. Hart,Miss McCance                                                                                      Mr. Mcpherson,Mr.Ewan
Fifth and Sixth Forms - 1953
Girls Playground - 1954
back row: Eve Ann Dean,Elizabeth Robertson,May Young
front row:  Ina Bell,Margaret McNair,Alison Bulger
Grateful appreciation
to May Young for the
following five photos.
Miss Agnew's Retirement - 1956
Mr. Hart, Mr?      ,Miss Agnew,Mr. Hamilton,Mr. McEwan, Mr. Weir.
Presenting the gift is Miss Scott.
Born in 1882
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of  the early days of ARA

I was delighted recently to discover two more published authors within our list of talented former pupils.
Peter A. Black, ARA 1957-60.
Pastor and author, Peter lives in south western Ontario, Canada and can be reached at
His latest book, Parables from The Pond, geared to ages six to ten, yet, interestingly, serving a growing adult audience, can be purchased, for $15.99 CDN, through Amazon and Christian bookstores. Peter will also sell and mail the book directly, at some savings to the buyer.
The ISBN number is:
Glenn M. Hardie, ARA 1949.
Glenn lives in Vancouver, Canada. and his
latest book,
Reason with Compassion -  The Humanist Way,
can be purchased through most bookstores, including online.
The 100 page paperback sells for $20.15 CDN.
The ISBN number is: