Mr Samuel Weir
ARA Headmaster
Miss Margaret Bryson
    ARA 1925-51
Fifth and Sixth Forms - 1950
                                          A Midsummer Night's Dream - 1950
(To some in photo it may be a midsummer's nightmare to see themselves in costume.....our apologies).
left to right: John Flockhart,Samuel Russell,George McGeachin,David Brown,Georgina Watson,
                 Robert Grieve,Marion Gray,David Reid,Barbara Wallace,Thomas Berman,Peter Barnett.
Grateful appreciation is due to Margaret Christensen, nee Finlayson, for the loan of her
1951 school magazine, from which the above photos were taken.
       Poetry Corner
Do not love me for my eyes
The colour of my hair
Those gentle loving sighs
The moments that we share
Love me not for grace or charms
The embracing of our arms
No-Love me not for outward seeing
But love me just for being....

   Bill Kean, ARA 1954-57
       published 1968
Pollok Hawthorn Soccer Team - 1957-8
                                                          ARA Former Pupils:
front row, from left:   2nd, Dougie Hunter; 3rd, Alfred Lillie; 4th, Archie Begg
back row, from left:  3rd, Jimmy McCallum; 4th, Walter Whitehill; 5th, Archie McNaught(deceased)
                             7th, Jim Campbell(deceased);  9th, Billy Sutherland; 10th, Jimmy Elliott
photo courtesy Archie Begg
Those of you who were
taught  French by Miss
Gertrude Scott will be
happy to know that she
is alive and well and
living in Galloway. She
says she would be delighted to hear from her former pupils.
Please email me for her address.

Thanks to Jean Boyd for
supplying the address.
left to right: Elizabeth Findley, Ian Milligan, Irene Horne,
Ian Drysdale, Douglas Carrick, William Armitage, Moira McCallum, Robert Barclay, Morag MacDonald, James Young.
Production of Abraham Lincoln - 1958
photo coutesy Douglas Carrick
James Darling
  1931 - 2002
  ARA 1946-51