Did you know that Albert Road Academy produced
not one, but two swimming champions
......in the same year?
Junior Champions of Scotland (Swimming) 1932
George Anderson  -  Willis Logan
School captains and prefects 1932-33
back row: H.Barrowman, S.Smith, G.Anderson, W.Murray, I.McLennan, M.Bell, The Rector.
front row:  M.Robertson, E.Smith, C.Dickie, J.Hay, M.MacAleese.
                                               (note: young gents wore plus fours)
now, a couple of real oldies....
The Staff  -  1893
"Our Headmasters" 1882 - 1932
Mr. Archibald Macfie           Mr. George S. Brown
      1885 - 1900                             1901 - 1907
                  Mr. Edward E. MacDonald
                              1882 - 1885
Mr. Robert H. Rule               Mr. Andrew Campbell
       1907 - 1918                            1919 - 1926
Mr. Thomas Martin               Mr. Herbert Ellicott
       1926 - 1931                        appointed 1931
I am very grateful to Walter Whitehill who sent us a copy of the ARA school magazine, Christmas edition, 1932, (Jubilee year), from which all of the above was extracted.
Melville Street School -  1952
                                                                                                                                                                                       photo courtesy Bill Smart
Included in photo:  George Smart, Angus MacKinnon, Morag Downie, Isabel MacGibbon, Deana Henderson, John King, Jeanette Webster, Joan Wilson, Margaret McArthur, Maureen Lipton, Allan Dobson, Allan Ramsay.
  Note of Interest

According to an article in the Jubilee magazine, under the heading "Friends of the School",
one Major Cassells.....
"made the school a hobby of his.
The school museum and library benefited from his gifts.
In February 1902, he presented the handsome telescope that is fitted up in the school observatory, making ARA probably unique amongst Scottish schools in this possession".
Mosspark School - 1947
                                                                                                         photo courtesy Norrie Henderson
left to right,
front row:     Martin Steven,Norrie Henderson,Frankie Swan,Eddie Hamilton,Billy Wylie,Dewar Brown.
second row: Norma Robinson,Aileen Simpson,Morag Allen,Sally McVey,Ishbel Robertson,Isamay Robb,
                 Anne Campbell,Eleanor Stephenson,Isobel Warren.
third row:     Andrew Hopkin,David Williamson,Andrew Forbes,Janet Hutton,Ann Grocock,Margaret
                 Livingstone,Sheila ?, Margaret Marr.
back row:    Andrew Mclellan,Duncan Ferguson,Alastair Gilchrist,Hugh Brown,Billy Duncan,Tommy
                 Young,John Murdoch,Robert ?.

Rugby team - 1925-26
Included in pic is Leonard Bell, back row, third from left. Any further names welcomed.
Rugby team, Old Boys, 1931-32
Leonard Bell, seated, front row left. Any further names welcomed.