Senior  Choir - 1953

front row: 2nd from left, Sylvia Telky; 3rd, Beatrice Robertson; 4th, Jeanie Morrison; 5th, Eleanor McLean; 6th, Joyce ?; 7th, Margaret MacLean; 9th, Morag Trench; 10th, Margaret Skinner.
second row:  3rd from left, Anne Manley; 4th, Irene Boyce; 5th, Norma Nicol; 6th, Margaret Munro; 7th, Moira Shaw; 10th, Rhoda Gaya.
third row: 4th from left, Alma Douglas; 10th, Mr. Hart
fourth row: from left, Mr. McKendrick, Deana Henderson,Eva Wilson.
photo courtesy Jeanie Morrison
1955  -  Fifth Form
1955 - Prefects
Rugby  1st XV 1953
Rugby  1st XV - 1954
back row:  I. Kennedy, T.Young,D.Peebles, ? , P.McCabe, ? .
middle row:  Mr. Hart, R.Grant, R.Barr,I.Buchanan, P.Hood, Mr. Bell.
front:  A.Ramsay, ? , G.Cooper (capt.), ? , W.Stewart.
back row:  D.Reid, E.Rodger, A.Saunders, D.Reilly, N.Henderson, I.Buchanan.
middle row: Mr.Bell, W.Stewart, G.MCGeachin, I.Kennedy, ? , Mr.Hart.
front row:  R.Barr, A.Ramsay, G.Thomson (capt.), R.Grant, J.Macmillan
above four photos courtesy of Raymond Barr.
The badge below, contributed by Barry Whyte, was in use during the time period of the above photographs
Many thanks to Bill Balmer for the following two photos and names.

Melville Street - 1944
Melville Street - 1948
Included in the picture:
Back row: John Thomson,Alistair Ramsay,Chalmers Stewart,Billy Stewart.
Second row: Miss McCallum, Ian Arnott,Bill Balmer,David McGrady,John Ballantyne,Billy Gay.
Third row:  David Barnett,Mary Gibb,Mary Wilson.
Fourth row:  Denise Nicol,Alice Tait,Margaret McAlpine,Helene Imlah, Olive Hay,Margaret McDougall.
Front row:  Ian McLaren, Hugh McColl,the McKissack twins,John Hamilton.

Included in the picture:
Back row: Bill Balmer,Bill Stewart,Akistair Ramsay,John Thomson,Stuart Yeoman.
Second row: Mr. Hamilton,David Barnett,John Ballantyne,Ian Arnott,David McAffy,Ian McLaren,A Jack.
Third row: Denise Nicol,Mary Wilson, Miss Stewart.
Fourth row: Margaret McAlpine,Helene Imlah,Mary Gibb,Margaret McDougall.
Front row: John Hamilton,? Shaw,Billy Gay,Hugh McCall,Ian Craig.

ARA 1st. year boys 1951-52
ARA  5th and 6th Forms 1957
Included in picture: David Purnell,Sandy Millar,Colin Fulton,Peter Curran,Ian Hannah,Allan Ramsay,Rodday MacDonald,Henry Hepburn,David Slater,Raymond Barr,Douglas Carrick,Buffy Galloway,Morag MacDonald,Jean Boyd.
following two photos courtesy Ian Hannah