Combined Rugby Teams - 1958
                                                                                                photo courtesy Gilbert Wilson

Included in photo: Gilbert Wilson,Jim Linton,George Hepburn,Derek Skimming,Carrol MacDonald,Lesley Weston,Willie Hepburn,Andy Miller,Albert Burns,Willie Henderson,Jackie Campbell,Danny Cohen,Dougie Birrell,Gullam Ansari,Alan Henderson,John Hook.

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Three classes -  circa 1922
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Commander Donald Clark, CD, RCN
        Commander Clark

Born 1915 in Fotheringay Road, Glasgow,
Donald Clark attended ARA and Strathbungo from 1920 to 1928.  He emigrated to Canada in 1928,
joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1940, rising to the rank of Commander in 1952.
ed:  Commander Clark passed away on January 12, 2007. Go to the "Where Are They Now" page to read his obituary.
Melville Street  -  1946-7
this photo and the one below, courtesy David Jackson
left to right, top row:  Allan Nicol,K. McGowan,J Stevenson,D.Smith,
middle row:  N.Anderson,M.Hall,D.Jackson,R.Gibb,J.Jack,M.McLean,E.Fereund
front row: V.Simmons,B.Wallach,E.Dawson,M/Lamb,E.Shaw,P.Paterson,N.Webster,N.Gunn,M.Edmiston
seated:  T.Berman,(Dux), D.McMillan,J.Cameron
teachers:  Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Lawson
seated on floor, from left:
David Jackson, Duncan McMillan, Tommy Berman, ? , Jimmy Smith.
next row:
Vivienne Simmons, Betty Wallace, Nan Gunn, ?, Valerie Masters, Eileen Shaw, Patricia Patterson, Noreen Webster, ?, Norma Anderson.
teacher: Miss Forsyth.
row three: ? , Eve Freund, ?, Joyce Freeman, Dorothy Stephen.
row four: Norman Grant, ?, ?, Alan Nichol, Ian McKendrick, Ian Smith, Robert Gibb, Gordon Mackie, Iain Jack.
row five: ?, James Stevenson, ?, ?, Duncan Smith, ?, George McKirdy, ?
(Ed: anyone knowing the missing names, please email me)
Mosspark Primary  -  1935
included in picture:
Billy Barclay, Archie Britain, The Coutts brothers (Billy and John), John Simpson, Doug Wallace, Tom Mabon, Tom Hart,  ? Bannerman, John Horne.
photo courtesy John Horne